MEDICLINK Regenerative Cellular Therapy Center is a high-end medical center affiliated with leading Germany and Europe medical institutes, Praxisgemeinschaft für Zelltherapie. In addition to our expertise in health management, MEDICLINK also combines Taiwan's high-end health services with the Precision medicine system to provide quality customized and comprehensive rejuvenation medical services

Our professional team has recruited top physicians from Switzerland, Germany, the US, the UK, and Taiwan, specializing in various aspects of medicine, including anti-aging medicine, preventive medicine, stem cell regeneration, oncology and critical illness, stem cell immunity and genetic disorders, natural medicine, and cosmetic medicine. In particular, we are experts in internal medicine, surgery, cardiology, immunology, plastic surgery, and stem cell-related comprehensive rejuvenation treatments. MEDICLINK can take care of all your health needs.

Asia's top institute for stem cell therapy

We offer state-of-the-art services in stem cell medicine, including mesenchymal stem cell therapy, SC bone and joint stem cell therapy, and immunotherapy. Our facilities also include clinics for office visits, cellular function treatment rooms, stem cell anti-aging labs, operating rooms, recovery rooms, and injection rooms. Our private PIC lab collaborates with national hospitals to provide the most effective therapies to treat serious illness, chronic diseases, genetic disorders, as well as immune diseases 。

SVIP appointment service

SVIP appointment service To maintain a superb quality of service, our center serves customers by appointments only, with a maximum of 10 appointments per day, allowing us to provide you with a superior celebrity treatment。

Error-free postoperative simulation system

The MEDICLINK Plastic Surgery Department is equipped with the most advanced simulation system. You can visualize the error-free postoperative effects of your rejuvenation treatments immediately after the consultation with our physicians to see the new, younger, and prettier you 。

From the various efforts and progressing of MEDICLINK Biomedical GROUP that independent of it's higher targets with specialized in advance nutrition and regenerative medicine, MEDICLINK Biomedical International Co.,Ltd. Combines the expertise for stem cell regenerative medicines research, live cell molecular medicine, protein recombination and genetic technological development and application, and clinical application of high-level biological preparation.

The Company has integrated leading patented technology from Germany, Switzerland , USA and Taiwan with the precise and accurate manufacturing process from CGMP pharmaceutical companies in order to offer you the most advanced regenerative nutrition cocktail therapy. MEDICLINK Biomedical International Co.,Ltd. provides you with special customized service to rejuvenate your health and vitality form the smallest element of life.

Our Mission

Mediclink is the leader in stem cell therapy in the Asia market, as well as to be the most effective partner for cooperation between the east and the west!

Our Vision

Mediclink endeavors to advance the translation of scientific and pre-clinical discoveries in mesenchymal stem cell into revolutionary medical technology of therapeutic products.