MEDICLINK Biomedical International Co.,Ltd

Mediclink Our Vision

Mediclink endeavors to advance the translation of scientific and pre-clinical discoveries in mesenchymal
stem cell into revolutionary medical technology of therapeutic products


We make life regenerate
MEDICLINK Regenerative Cell Therapy Center

MEDICLINK Regenerative Cellular Therapy Center is a high-end medical center affiliated with two leading medical institutes, XCell-Center Germany and The LIFECELLS LLC, U.S.A. In addition to our expertise in health management, MEDICLINK also combines Taiwan's high-end health services with the cosmetic medicine system to provide quality customized and comprehensive rejuvenation medical services. .



" MEDICLINK has a team of experts dedicated to stem cell research since 2001. With over 50 stem cell research publications in top peer-reviewed scientific journals to date, including a number of world-first breakthrough and discoveries, and Patents, MEDICLINK leads the way by scientific excellence. "