MEDICLINK provides advanced human mesenchymal stem cell processing services, including ADSC, BMSC, hCBSC, hPCDSC, and their exsomes that are processed at MEDICLINK's Lab. Products approach the highest quality of purity, viability, and safety through our facility and standardized regenerative medicines tech. The most advanced VCELL® technique makes the VSELs Therapy work for the newest anti-aging medicine.


MEDICLINK has a team of experts dedicated to stem cell and regenerative medicines research since 2001. With over 50 stem cell research publications in top peer-reviewed scientific journals, including several world-first breakthroughs discoveries, and Patents, MEDICLINK leads the way in scientific excellence.

MEDICLINK researches in many fields to engage people's health and life span including regenerative medicines, immunotherapy, precision medicines, and Cell & gene therapy. Through our clinical practice experience, we can always offer the best solution that precisely fits your health condition.